ICACME will provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to interact with one another and discuss state-of-the-art developments in the field. The topics of the conference will cover all aspects of research and application in intelligent computing, including but not limited to:

⚈ Vibration and acoustics

⚈Composite materials

⚈Finite Element Analysis

⚈Advanced Materials

⚈Thermal and Renewable  Energy

⚈Hybrid Vehicles

⚈Conventional and Unconventional Manufacturing

⚈Additive manufacturing

⚈Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

⚈Prediction and optimization techniques

⚈Material Characterization

⚈Nano Technology

⚈Conditioning Monitoring

⚈Robotics and Automation

⚈Pattern Recognition

⚈ Predictive Analytics Applications in Healthcare, ⚈Finance, Climate change and Business

⚈ Resource Management and Scheduling

⚈ Sensor Networks and Social Sensing

⚈ Smart Environments and Applications in IOT

⚈ Statistical Analysis of Search Techniques

⚈ Swarm Intelligence & Swarm Robotics

⚈ Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing

⚈ Web Intelligence and Computing

⚈ Wireless Networks

⚈ Wireless Protocols and Architectures

 ⚈Big Data

⚈ Bio-inspired Techniques

⚈ Cloud Computing

⚈ Computational Intelligence, Applications in

⚈Big Data

⚈Bio-inspired Techniques

⚈Cloud Computing

⚈Computational Intelligence

⚈ Data Intensive Computing Architecture

⚈ Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

⚈ Evolutionary Computing

⚈ Fuzzy Computing

⚈ Green Computing

⚈ Human-Computer Interaction

⚈ Information Retrieval

⚈ Intelligent Control

⚈ Intelligent E-learning Systems

⚈ Intelligent Video & Image Processing

⚈ Internet Security

⚈ Knowledge Management and Networks

⚈ Machine Learning

⚈ Mobile Computing

⚈ Multi-agent Systems

⚈ Natural Language Processing

⚈ Neural Computing